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2Safety and protection

We guarantee the confidentiality of your business. Our team understands the importance of maintaining data confidentiality and abides by a strong non-disclosure policy.

In our work, we make use of the latest methods available and we provide daily updates and protection for your IT infrastructure. For a higher degree of safety, we carry out system penetration tests, constantly making sure that no one can harm or endanger the resources and data of our customers.

We employ a monitoring system equipped with tens of software and hardware sensors, able to deliver real time alerts via email or SMS. Hence, we are always aware of any faults that might occur and prepared to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Together with the clients we tailor custom IT policies, enabling us to protect their IT infrastructure, train the users and ensure business continuity.

Our backup policy is the cornerstone of our methodology: it is highly complex, backing up data may be carried out on various mediums and in several ways. We also perform regular recovery tests.